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Jubiar Artists
Ray Davenport
The use of subtle details and the interplay of light and shadows, make Ray Davenport's work seem to come alive.
"There is beauty everywhere"
Robert Johnson
With award winning watercolor techniques, Robert Johnson brings to life his southern Arizona landscape and aviation subjects.
"Brilliantly detailed and breathlessly accurate"
Steve Leonardi
In his ridge top studio in Pennsylvania, Steve Leonardi creates the most fascinating wildlife watercolor art you will ever see.
"Striking accuracy, incredible detail and feeling"
Marita Parisi
Although Marita Parisi began by drawing wildlife, it is the strong, stoical, enduring quality of Native Americans which dominates much of her work.
"Storyteller in Pencil"
PeterPrints With their PeterPrints, Peter and Marilyn Mulcahy will tickle your funnybone with their humorous look at situations, occupations, sports and hobbies.
"A whimsical mix of art and humor"
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